Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hi my name is Kisha and I'm an over acheiver

I mean really, who do I exactly think I am? Trying to fit in college into an already clusterfucked schedule. I've sought balance all my life, never quite obtaining it. Something always suffers.

I already have a full life...I'm a mom, a I have house cleaning, laundry, soccer, doctor's appointments and the list goes on and on. Thank God I have a husband who completely rocks!

Then I have a full time career that is very demanding on my time.

I have to make time for charity, friends, family and myself. There simply isn't enough hours in the day. I operate on very little sleep and very little nutrition.


Because I want it all. I want the balanced life without compromising things I feel are important. I want to feel alive inside. That's why I have to stop pushing the feeling that's always been there away. I have to do what I'm meant to do. I won't accept the alternative, a mediocre life. That's not how I'm built...never was and it's time. Time to be true to who I am.

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