Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Second Day of College

I don't know if I clarified this, but I'm only in college part time, as I have a full time career. I go Monday through Friday from 8am to 9:50am.

Waking up early is no stranger to me. But WALKING is I guess. Cause by 10am,I am falling asleep at my computer. Man, wouldn't it be nice to be 18 with a full ride..when I can nap whenever I want? Just go to class, make friends, sleep and have fun.

That wasn't in the cards for me though. I'm not sad or bitter about it. My parents did the best they could and I made my decisions.

I just wonder which is the best way to go with my own kids. Of course, my husband and I are saving for 'college' for our kids. College in quotation marks because I don't believe in forcing anyone to go to college. I want my kids to know that they have the opportunity but if they decide to go to trade school or back pack through Europe or any direction they would like to go, it's okay. I'm just a little perplexed on how much support is healthy. Hypothetically speaking, let's say we have the means to pay for everything....Car, gas, living expenses, college, senior trip, etc. SHOULD we? And is there a cut off date?


  1. Your question does not have a straight forward answer. I put myself through college, with the TOPS program. My parents could not contribute money, but they did stress the importance of education. I worked full time to pay the remaining portion of what TOPS didn't cover, and thankfully my employer paid for my books. It was hard work, but I am proud of my degree. My husband's story is a little different. His parents basically forced college on him, and he fought them at first, but then realized that the education they were pushing was in his best interest. They paid his way, and he turned out just fine :-) You are providing a great example to your children and all workung mothers! Now I want to go back to school!

  2. Thanks Lynzy. I guess it depends on the child...we'll see.