Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bike or bust

I'd like to get my hands on the dude at orientation that said you can walk from point A to point B anywhere on campus in 10 minutes. I even specifically asked, "Even if you are overweight and out of shape?" "Yes," he said.

Let me confirm to you that this is not true. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday after my math class in the Maxim Doucet Hall (for those of you familiar with ULL), I cannot make it to the C.L. Rougeau Hall for my English class in 10 minutes. Up and down three flights of stairs and walking as fast as my fat ass can go doesn't cut it. I need at least 15 minutes. I know what you're I'm afraid I may pass out or have heart failure due to my physical condition and smoldering heat.

My English teacher is great. She's blunt, bitchy, smart, opiniated and doesn't take any crap or excuses. Exactly how I would be as a teacher. But as a student I tried explaining my predicament, to which she responded, "Get a bike or rollerblades." Truth be told, I thought of the bike already. But the idea of getting a bike rack for my car, locking and unlocking the bike and weaving through pedestrians seems like a whole lot of trouble. Not to even mention the fact that my last bike riding attempt included my brother helping me on and holding the seat for a while AND helping me stop. Aaaannndd this was like four years ago. So I fear for the safety of myself and others around me.

Rollerblading? LOL um, no. I can get by....on a flat smooth surface. Put me on uneven sidewalks, asphalt, etc...I will have skinned knees and hands in no time.

Sooooo I will ask my Math teacher (who I think is really laid back, smart and funny) if I can leave class 5 minutes early to make it to English. If not, looks like I may be biking.


  1. I feel your pain. I was a Psych/History double major. For those of you who know the UL campus....Griffin and Girard are about as far as you can get from each other. I swear, I spent more time trying to catch my breath after sprinting all the way across and running up sometimes 5 flights of stairs than I spent taking notes...My only suggestion is to sneak out of your class a few minutes early...

  2. I saw that Griffin and Girard are really far apart, so next semester when I schedule Psych and English, I will keep that in mind....screw sprinting.