Monday, August 29, 2011

Second week and reality has set in

Math 100 will not be 'easy' like I originally thought. I need to put more effort into it than originally planned. I understand the material in class but when I get home...all alone, I have trouble to know where to start with any given problem. Lucky for me, my math teacher is willing to help me out during office hours. I would hate to have to pay for a tutor. Plus, I think getting help from the professor would increase my chances of passing cause he knows exactly what I need to know.

I absolutely hate not wearing my heels. I love my heels. I feel so dumpy with tennis shoes on. I cannot do the flip flop deteste flip flops. I always wondered while driving by the university why college students dressed so 'down'. Well, being decked out in a dress, hair, makeup and heels like I'm accustomed to makes no sense walking from class to class on campus. So I have succumbed to the college fashion. Sigh. Bad thing is, I'm rushing to get two kids to their individual places before school so I haven't even had time for hair and makeup. I need to wake up earlier. I may try going to bed earlier tonight with no sleep aids and see if that makes a difference.

Just curious, has anyone ever had a crush on a teacher or professor?


  1. All of my professors were old. I can't imagine going to school in full dress in this heat. Just think of it as a daily workout with a dose of sweat therapy.

  2. One would expect the professors to be old...but they're not, at least not all of them. Actually a dress is cooler but that would mean I'd have to wear flip flops or sandals...ugh. I do think of it as a daily workout but I'm still uncomfortable cause it's not the attire I'm used to.