Friday, August 26, 2011

One Week Down....

...countless to go. I'm not focusing on that though. I'm focusing one day at a time, just doing the best I can do.

Before I was talking about how nice it would be to be young again with a free ride. Today, I realized how nice it is to be older and not have the hang ups that come with being younger.

I don't need to 'find' myself. Although I will never stop growing as a person, I don't feel lost. I know who I am.

I won't be going to class hungover, because I don't drink anymore. I need not worry about what club everyone is at, what did I do last night, is my reputation ruined, etc.

I won't be joining a sorority. Or any group for that matter. Matter of fact, I have no desire to make new friends. I have enough friends that I already don't have time for.

I feel quite content to be in college, attend class and learn. Total focus. I realize that this may not be normal college experience but it's mine and I'm enjoying it thus far.

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