Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day..

Last year at this time, if someone would have told me that I'd be in college in a year, I would have thought the idea was absurd. I actually didn't decide to enroll until June. I received a sign from God and I applied the next week.

Labor Day 2010 will be a day I will always remember. I was miserably pregnant with what felt like the most gigantic baby ever. She wasn't due until September 25th but I was so sure I would have her in August. When that didn't happen, I wished for it day after smoltering hot day. The Thursday before Labor Day, I learned that I was 4cm dialated so I thought for sure I'd have her by Labor Day.

At the same time I was hoping to go into Labor, her godmother was hoping I wouldn't. At least, not until she got back from Las Vegas. She took a weekend trip in a private plane with her husband and another couple. The other couple was a friend from work and her husband had a pilot's license.

I've always hated little planes and vowed never to ride in any. I had a bad feeling about this plane since the idea was first conceived. I didn't want her to go. I made her call me before every take off and after every landing.

This isn't just a friend of mine. I've known her all my life. She is my cousin but much more than that...she is a sister to me. We've been through everything together. She is always there for me. I could not imagine life without her.

In the morning, I received a voicemail from her saying they were about to make the trek back home. I took a long nap in the afternoon and when I woke up and didn't have a missed call from her but from her mother instead, I instantly knew something was wrong. I soon learned that their plane had crashed. It was a nightmare. My fears had come true. The pilot died. His wife lived for a while but eventually passed. My cousin, Tamika's husband wasn't on 100% life support. I cannot imagine how she got through that. To lose two friends and possibly her husband next.

I was absolutely hysterical over here. I couldn't fly to be by their side. I was stuck here getting information daily from her mom. I cried...alot. I've known her husband since I'm 5. We're all from a small town. He and Tamika have been dating on and off since we are ten. I'm proud to say he is a friend and part of my family. I was horrified to think we might lose him. I prayed alot for Tamika's healing physically and emotionally.

It was a rough time. Tamika and her mom weren't there for the birth of my daughter. Thank God for Skype. We were able to see and talk to each other from a hospital in Lafayette, LA to Las Vegas, NV.

I'm very happy to say that both of them, Tamika and Randal made it out alive and are here with us still. I know it was and is a hard road for them but they are very lucky as they aren't paralyzed or disfigured. I mean, who survives a plane crash? I love them both and hope they will be in my life as long as I'm living.


  1. Praise god they are ok! whatcha doing in college woman??? :)

  2. This is where my life took me. shrugs Majoring in Moving Image Arts.